01 : Conception of the built : renewed according to the ecological principles.
02 : Breakfast : 100 % home-made bio, products – Produced stemming from the fair trade – Dishes made by the local potter.
03 : Internal arrangements : decoration in the natural pigments – ecological Paints without oil by-products – Lime – plaster – Wood – Pierre – no border Wiffi.
04 : Management of the water : reducers of debit on the faucet factory – Toilet double flows allowing to limit the debit of water – Recovery of rainwater.
05 : Management of the energy : energy-saving Bulbs – essentially classy household electrical Equipment A or A + – No electric air conditioning.
06 : Spa : our Spa clear Azure is validated by the committee of energy of California CEC in the world pip 3 as regards the power and the energy efficiency.
07 : Insulation of the sheepfold : strengthened Insulation – reduction of the thermal bridges – natural Insulations Hemp and Wood fiber – coat lime – Triple or double glazing.
08 : Heating : pellet stove – Poële with wood – electric Towel dryer.
09 : Outside environment : yes.
10 : Cleaning products : organic Fully qualified certified.
11 : Physical products : line of cosmetics and indeed to be Organic 100 %.
12 : Means of transport : we lend bikes for your movements in the neighborhood of the sheepfold – Cycle track – Parking lot in gravel without tar.
13 : Type of construction : stone House – Renewed with natural materials – In the respect for the architecture and for the regional style – Bring down in Lauzes and stone.
14 : Orientation : the east – the South – the West – is Little or no openings in the North.
15 : Actions been organized to reduce the environmental impact : energy balance – Reduction of packagings – Selection of ecological and biological suppliers – selective Sorting – Use of ecological toilet paper – Reading and DVD in chambers concerning the subjects of the ecology.
16 : Our glance : protect the fauna and the flora – Privilege the local economy – Introduce our hosts to the environmental protection.
17 : Relaxation : comfort and the good to be natural.
18 : We ask to our hosts to remain watchful on the following subjects : switch off the lights when we leave the chamber – to Sort out waste in the various trash cans – not to waste towels  – to Use bikes given rather in the car – Chambers non-smokers.

La Bergerie du Miravidi post by Michel Deprost : journalist for newspaper ‘Le Progrès’ –

Door opens on an oasis, overlooking the yard, at the end of a gravel driveway named “La rue du Bonheur” (« Street of Happiness »). The visitor arrives in a staging of terraces, fountains and waterfalls.

The breakfast table is set up outdoors with a basket of nuts, orange nasturtiums, bright colors, at the foot of the old wine press still able to extract the juice from the varieties of local apples. There are roses with colorful petals, freshness, fragrance, birds, insects
An oasis can preserve life, it makes it more beautiful, wealthier and more varied.
The Bergerie du Miravidi was intended by its creator Genevieve as a preserved area in a corner of the Tarentaise where mountain has been sacrificed to the mechanical God and worship of money.
In the early 2000s, Genevieve had a revelation: her life would be intended to building and decorating, not only for the others but also in a place that she would entirely conceive. She then wants to go further in a technical, spiritual, manual and aesthetic commitment, in order to proceed with an environmentally effective and pleasurable creation. Genevieve learns about the Nordic techniques of environmental renovation and construction. She begins to work alone during 4 years before being helped by herhusband Jean-Loïc.
The former building set around a courtyard, a hayloft, a barn, a deep sheepfold, cellars, stables and a nut-dryer is finally brought back to life after years of hard work.

Thick insulation in wood fiber and hemp, walls made of fermacell, bricks, hemp and clay, lime wash, double and triple glazing, breathable soil made of clay and lime, rainwater storage into a basin, wood pellets heating, recycled materials such as Lauze, stone, wood, healthy materials that breathe and facilitate the absorption of moisture and heat exchange alongside the seasons, natural air conditioning in the Forest Room and Grand Nord Suite.

The Bergerie du Miravidi is full of colors and light. In the main room, lit by a large bay window, Genevieve has created a Himalayan-inspired space with orange walls, long couches on a platform, softened with cushions in front of a lit niche and a blue-enameled stove, the reproduction of a model of the Indian Empire. Chests and authentic doors remind the highest mountains in the world, while local-oak-made furniture has been painted with the colors of Nepal. At the far end of the room, in a niche, is a naive-style painting that strongly reminds and symbolizes the importance of nature while the singing fountain is flowing over a stone kern fresh water that warms the atmosphere during the warm season. Bedrooms express the same natural and even spiritual message; the same commitment to the Greath North or the forest, their culture and their animals. The Great North Suite and its artificial furs, gives an animal tone, even in the lamp-shades made by Genevieve with their efficient light-emitting diodes embedded in crystals and on the walls while packs of wolves and bands of elks seem to be gazing the visitor.
To reconcile with the environment, happiness and pleasure are not just a question of technique…

Media for a sustainable future.

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