A passion and “art of living” project.
A unique experience, between traditions and travel…


This old Savoyard farm from 1805 is the more than two-hundred-year-old legacy of my ancestors.
In 2003 I moved there, I decided to restore it in order to make it a place of welcome and healing.
I wanted to live in harmony and communion with this generous environment, by adopting a sustainable lifestyle that did not destroy my ancestral lands.
La Bergerie was nothing more than a ruin, it had to be patiently restored, completely reinvented without betraying it, from its foundations.
The spirit of the Haute Tarentaise building has been preserved, in perfect agreement with my ancestors who built this mountain farm with their own hands.

patate“There is no other door to knowledge than that opened to nature, no other truth than the truth discovered in nature.” Luther Burbank.

Geneviève and Jean-Loïc open their space of rejuvenation and relaxation to you.

Meetings and travels have traced a common thread which has led us to create a bridge between the mountains of Haute-Tarentaise, the people, animals and forests of the Northern hemisphere.
We have drawn our identity beyond our roots, in the history and imagination of the world…
From the alliance between bicentennial volumes and multiple sensibilities were born: the Forestière room, the dreaming bear room, the Esprit Nature chalet, the Himalayan living room.
In 2005, we restored the local apple orchard of our ancestors, a fragment of the apple orchards that once surrounded the villages of the valley.

La Bergerie du Miravidi now flourishes on 3800 m2 with its Alpine-Japanese garden and its 130 varieties of plants, its orchard, its permaculture, its private and landscaped terraces decorated with fountains.

In the lower part of the land, on a gentle slope, 45 varieties of herbs, 80 varieties of fruits, vegetables and edible flowers are grown.
Gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries, casillas, blackberries and wild berries enrich the vegetable garden.
Apricot trees, peach trees, fig trees, cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees, quince trees, vines, walnut trees, hazelnut trees and chestnut trees punctuate this landscape where many species of birds come to nest.
Permaculture according to the English expression: “permanent agriculture” is a philosophy centered on the environment, human beings and equitable sharing within society.
This generates abundant and natural harmony, it aims for sustainable, resilient production, respectful of living beings and their reciprocal relationships.
This natural agriculture is based on “non-acting” according to the laws of the Tao.
It is broken down into 4 fundamental principles: no fertilizer, no weeding, no plowing, no pesticides.

ecolodge-23La Bergerie du Miravidi: article by journalist Michel Deprost.

“We push open the door of an oasis, on the courtyard side, at the end of a gravel path, the “street of happiness”, the visitor arrives in a layer of terraces, fountains and waterfalls.
There are roses with colorful petals, freshness, scents, birds, insects…
An oasis maintains life, keeps it more beautiful, richer and varied.
The Miravidi sheepfold was intended by its creator Geneviève as a preserved space in an authentic corner of Tarentaise.
At the beginning of the 2000s, Geneviève experienced a revelation: her life was about building and decorating, not only in other people’s homes, but in a place that she would entirely design.
She wants to go further in a technical and aesthetic, spiritual and manual commitment, for a construction that is environmentally efficient and a source of pleasure…
Geneviève learns about Nordic renovation and environmental construction techniques.
The old nested and superimposed ensemble, around a courtyard, a hayloft, a barn, a deep sheepfold, cellars, stables and under a nut dryer, a dwelling.
After many years of work, the sheepfold finally comes back to life…

Thick insulation in wood fiber and hemp, Fermacell, brick, hemp and clay partitions, lime coatings, double and triple glazing, breathable clay and lime floors, rainwater recovery in a basin, heating with wood pellets, recycling of materials such as slate, stone, wood, healthy materials, which breathe, facilitate the absorption of humidity and heat exchanges throughout the seasons, natural air conditioning of the forest room and the Grand Nord suite.

The sheepfold comes back to life in light and color, in the main room, lit by a large bay window, Geneviève has created a Himalayan-inspired space with orange walls, with long benches perched on a platform, softened with cushions in front of a niche lit, a blue enameled stove, reproduction of a model from the time of the Indian Empire.
Authentic chests and doors are reminiscent of the highest mountains in the world, while furniture made from local oak has received touches of paint that have given it the colors of Nepal.
At the bottom, in a niche, a naive painting is a powerful and symbolic reminder of the importance of nature. And the singing fountain makes cool water flow over a stone cairn which tempers the atmosphere in the hot season.
The rooms and chalet express both the same approach, natural and even spiritual, the same commitment to the Far North, the forest, their culture and their animals.
The far north suite gives an animal tone, right down to the lampshades made by Geneviève with economical electroluminescent diodes, embedded in crystals and on the walls, packs of wolves or flocks of elk seem to stare at the visitor.
To reconcile with the environment, happiness and pleasure are not only a matter of technique…”



We made friends with a Sherpa family, from there we did humanitarian work in the Khumbu valley in Nepal, this is how the Himalayan salon was born, where we welcome you, and where are provided wellness massages.
We ask our guests to remain vigilant on the following subjects:

Turn off the lights when you leave the room – sort the waste in the different bins – do not waste towels and water – use the bicycles provided rather than the car – non-smoking rooms.
Do not cause noise pollution – respect the people, animals and plants in the Ecolodge.

01: Building design: renovated according to ecological principles.
02: Breakfasts: served mainly with organic products in the room.
03: Interior fittings: decoration with natural pigments – ecological paints without petroleum derivatives – lime – plaster – wood – stone.
04: Water management: flow reducers on the taps – dual-flow toilets to limit the water flow.
05: Energy management: low consumption light bulbs – mainly class A or A+ household appliances.
06: SPA: our Clair Azur spas are validated by the California energy commission CEC in the top 3 in the world in terms of power and energy efficiency.
07: Insulation of the sheepfold: reinforced insulation – reduction of thermal bridges – natural hemp and wood fiber insulation – lime coatings – triple or double glazing.
08: Pellet stove – wood stove – aerothermal energy.
09: Landscaped outdoor environment with varied species, adapted to local conditions.
10: Cleaning products: certified organic.
11: Body products: line of organic cosmetics and well-being.
12: Means of transport: we lend bicycles for your trips around the sheepfold.
13: Type of construction: stone house – renovated with natural materials – respecting the architecture and regional style.
14: Orientation: East – South – West – few or no openings to the north.
15: Actions implemented to reduce environmental impact: energy balance – reduction of packaging – selection of ecological and organic suppliers – selective sorting – use of ecological toilet paper.
16: Our view: preserve the fauna and flora – favor the local economy – introduce our guests to respect for the environment.
17: No WiFi terminal (toxic to health), we offer the Ethernet network cable.

GIFT VOUCHERS TO OFFER. Contact us at: 06 23 34 75 59 every day from: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm This number does not receive text messages.