jardin-japonais-2La Bergerie du Miravidi: article by journalist Michel Deprost.

“One pushes the door of an oasis, side yard, at the end of a gravel alley, the” street of happiness “, the visitor arrives in a staging of terraces, fountains and waterfalls.
There are roses with colorful petals, freshness, scents, birds, insects …
An oasis keeps the life, the preserve more beautiful, richer and varied.
The sheepfold of Miravidi was wanted by its creator Geneviève as a preserved space in an authentic corner of Tarentaise.
In the early 2000s, Genevieve saw as a revelation: her life is to build, to decorate, not only in others, but in a place that she would conceive entirely.
She wants to go further in a technical and aesthetic commitment, spiritual and manual, for a construction that is environmentally effective and a source of pleasure …
Geneviève learns about the techniques of renovation and environmental construction of Nordiques.
The old set nested and superimposed, around a courtyard, a hay barn, a barn, a deep sheepfold, cellars, stables and under a walnut dryer, a dwelling.
After many years of hard work, the sheepfold is finally alive again …

Thick insulation in wood fiber and hemp, Fermacell, brick, hemp and clay partitions, lime plaster, double and triple glazing, breathable clay and lime soils, recovery of rainwater in a pond, heating with wood pellets, recycling of materials such as lauze, stone, wood, healthy materials, which breathe, facilitate the absorption of moisture and heat exchange with the seasons, a natural air conditioning of the forest chamber and from the Grand Nord suite.

The sheepfold lives again in the light and color of the main room, lit by a large bay window, Geneviève made an Himalayan inspired space with orange walls, with long banquettes perched on a platform, softened cushions in front of a niche illuminated, a stove enamelled with blue, reproduction of a model of the time of the empire of the Indies.
Authentic chests and doors are reminiscent of the highest mountains in the world, while local oak furniture has received touches of paint that have given them the colors of Nepal.
Basically, in a niche, a painting of naive style, recalls with force and symbol the importance of nature. And the fountain that sings makes a cool water flow on a stone cairn, tempering the atmosphere in the hot season.
The rooms and chalet express both the same approach, natural and even spiritual, the same commitment to the Far North, the forest, their culture and their animals.
The suite to the north gives an animal tone, even in the lampshades made by Genevieve to light-emitting diodes energy, embedded in crystals and on the walls, packs of wolf or bands of elk seem to fix the visitor.
To be reconciled with the environment, happiness and pleasure are not just about technique … “



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