This old Savoyard farm from 1805 is the inheritance more than 200 years of my rear, back, great grandparents.
In 2003, I moved to La Bergerie by myself, I decided to restore it to make it a place of welcome and healing.
Many have tried to discourage me from the scope of the work that was taking place.
I wanted to sublimate these places in which I found an infinite poetry that touched me to the soul.
The desire is made to feel to live in harmony and in communion with this generous environment, by adopting a sustainable lifestyle and not destructive of my ancestral lands.
I became aware of this spiritual communion with nature, and I felt that I was one with the environment.
La Bergerie was nothing but a ruin, it had to be restored patiently, reinvented entirely without betraying it, since its foundations.
The spirit of Mount Haute Tarentaise has been preserved, in perfect agreement with my ancestors who built this mountain farm with their hands.

patateMeetings and travels, have drawn a thread that led to create a bridge between the mountains of the Upper Tarentaise, peoples, animals, and forests of the north of the world.
I drew my identity beyond my roots, in the history and imagination of the world …
The alliance between bicentennial volumes and multiple sensitivities was born: the Forestière chamber, the Grand Nord chamber, and the Esprit Nature chalet.

In 2005 with Jean Loïc, companion of travel and work, we restored the orchard of local apples of my ancestors, fragment of apple orchards which formerly encircled the villages of the valley.
We planted fruit trees, and built mound crops.

Passionate about botany since my early childhood, I felt the need to explore the gardens of other cultures.
From there was born the Japanese-inspired garden with its 212 varieties of plants.


To achieve this mountain ecolodge, we used the most local products and know-how …




We are attached to small daily actions, such as not to use plastic garbage bags, not to spoil the food, to recycle as much as possible, to compost at low temperature, to turn off the lights …
From all these values is born this mountain Ecolodge, a modern word that unites us to a simple way of life, much more respectful, and connected with nature.

Passionate about Chinese and Oriental medicine, we are also interested in places of well-being; from there was born a space in the spirit of the rotenburo and Japanese onsen, which are sacred places of relaxation, calm, and relaxation, where one connects with the beneficial spirits of nature.
One must have purified before entering the rotenburos and onsen, because the waters of kami (Shinto deities) can not be defiled.



We made friends with a Sherpa family, from there we did humanitarian work in the Khumbu valley in Nepal, that’s how the Himalayan show was born, where we receive you, and where are lavished well-being massages.


We ask our guests to remain vigilant on the following topics:
Turn off the lights when you leave the room – sort the trash in the different bins – do not waste towels and water – use the bikes made available in preference to the car – non-smoking rooms.
Do not cause noise – respect people, animals and plants in the Ecolodge.

01: Building design: renovated according to ecological principles.
02: Breakfasts: served mainly with organic products in room.
03: Interior fittings: decoration with natural pigments – ecological paints without petroleum derivatives – lime – plaster – wood – stone.
04: Water management: flow reducers on double-flow taps to limit the flow of water.
05: Energy management: low consumption light bulbs – household appliances mainly class A or A +.
06: SPA: our Clair Azur spas are validated by the California Energy Commission CEC in the top 3 worldwide in terms of power and energy efficiency.
07: Sheep insulation: reinforced insulation – reduction of thermal bridges – natural insulating hemp and wood fiber – lime renders – triple or double glazing.
08: Pellet stove – wood stove – aerothermal.
09: Outdoor landscape environment with varied species, adapted to local conditions.
10: Cleaning products: certified organic.
11: Body products: line of cosmetics and organic well-being.
12: Means of locomotion: we lend bikes for your trips around the sheepfold.
13: Type of construction: stone house – renovated with natural materials – respecting the architecture and regional style.
14: Orientation: East – South – West – few or no openings to the north.
15: Actions put in place to reduce the environmental impact: energy balance – reduction of packaging – selection of ecological and biological suppliers – selective sorting – use of ecological toilet paper.
16: Our vision: preserve the fauna and flora – give priority to the local economy – introduce our guests to the respect of the environment.
17: No Wifi terminal (toxic for health), we offer the Ethernet network cable.

BONS CADEAUX À OFFRIR. Contactez nous au : 06 23 34 75 59  tous les jours de : 11h 30 à 21h 30. Ce numéro ne reçoit pas les textos.