Japanese Bath in Wood.
bain3Poetry of places, pleasure of the senses, serenity…

This is our private Japanese bath, which we kindly lend to our customers depending on the season and the weather.

This wooden bath was created in the spirit of: “rotenburo and Japanese onsen”, which are sacred places of relaxation, calm, and relaxation, where we connect with the beneficial spirits of nature.
You must have purified yourself beforehand in order to enter the “Japanese baths”, because the waters of the “kamis”: (Shintô deities), cannot be contaminated.

This space conducive to meditation has been installed in the heart of the Japanese garden and the surrounding mountains.
It is a place of peace, where we regenerate by rediscovering all the authentic values ​​of the tranquility of the mountains.
Built entirely of larch wood, it is open in the summer season from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Children are not allowed in this area without their parents, swimming is not supervised.



We wish you a pure moment of sacred poetry…
In these places all the conditions are met to access the essential and the timeless both on a personal and collective level.



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