The Himalayan Salon
In 2005 with Jean Loïc, companion of travel and work, we became friends with a family Sherpa. From there we did humanitarian work in the Khumbu valley in Nepal, that’s how the Himalayan salon was born, where we receive you, where you are treated to well-being massages..
Article by Michel Deprost: Journalist for Progress –

Geneviève created a space of Himalayan inspiration with orange walls, with long banquettes perched on a platform, softened with cushions in front of a lit niche. A blue carved ceramic stove, a reproduction of a model from the time of the Indian Empire, makes the flames dance and gently warms the atmosphere.
Authentic Afghan and Nepali doors and chests recall the tallest mountains in the world, while local oak furniture has received touches of paint that have given them the colors of Nepal.
Basically, in a niche, a painting of naive style, recalls with force and symbol the importance of nature.
And the fountain that sings makes a cool water flow on a stone cairn, tempering the atmosphere in the hot season.
The refinement of the colorful and delicate tones gives this piece an eternal sun and invites to meditation.


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